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“Don’t let his young face fool you- he’s got a little grit and a whole lot of soul in his voice.” The Newport Mercury

“A Musical Chameleon.” The Corner News

“A standout musician that is making a name for himself by adding heartbreaking truth to each song. Tuohy bounces from poppy fun to dark depths with each changing of the track. We¹re comfortable saying that Tuohy is one of the best up-and-coming singer-songwriters in North America.” Writer’s Bone

“…Someone to keep your eye on. Tuohy is a dynamic front man who plays a brand of pop influenced rock music that could easily land on mainstream radio. The good news is his music goes beyond the blandness most of us associate with Top 40 fare… Think the Black Crowes meets Steely Dan meets Dave Matthews Band and you get a sense of what Jeff Tuohy is all about… He has the songwriting chops, musicianship, and the overall looks and charisma to make it.” Greenfield Recorder

“…don’t confuse the simplicity of Tuohy’s lyrics for triteness. The similes, metaphors and images lend his songs a refreshing lucidity and make them extremely accessible. We all can relate to what Tuohy sings about, whether we want to admit it or not. The artist has a knack for succinctly describing emotional situations.” Cape Cod Times

“Jeff is obviously a capable singer/songwriter and a considerable talent to pay attention to from this point on.” G. Michael Keating, Program/Music Director, WBCG The beach 98.9


“‘Daring, Multifaceted Rock Album’ …Tuohy’s ease among various genres may be Cocoon’s most newsworthy hook. But for me, as a listener, it was wonderful that the songs did cohere into a functional big picture. Similar multi-genre albums often turn into song salad, fraught with filler and sonic inconsistencies. But Bernini’s production keeps the boat on an even keel. It sounds bright, but not gag-inducing or radio-glossy; it’s warm enough to be human without stooping to the lo-fi feel that’s currently in vogue.” Hartford Advocate

“‘Cocoon’ showcases and confirms the artist in the musician/actor. I mention this because as I write this column, I’ve got ‘Cocoon’ playing. I have to stop writing more often than I’d like because his songs stop me in my tracks. One song, ‘Monogamy,’ surprises me with a hint of Reggae in its intro and then seamlessly moves into a smooth rock, accented with delicate strains of back-up singers.

This CD features horns, guitars, and keyboards and tickles the imagination. Whether he breathes romance into ‘Light My Heart’ or gets down and dirty in ‘Bourbon Street’ with its distinct New Orleans sound and his transition from smooth to sudden gruff voice, one can’t ignore the breadth of talent infused in this one musician.” Republican American

“John Mayer may be the most famous Connecticut homeboy currently burning up the charts, but given a chance, Jeff Tuohy could easily heat up the competition.

Tuohy knows all about sharp melodies and well-constructed songs. His new disc, ‘Cocoon,’ was recorded at Spirit House Studios in Northampton, Mass and his songwriting skills are aided by some of the finest musicians from that musically fertile area. Mitch Chakour adds some sturdy organ to the pop rock tune ‘Crucify’ while Mark Mulcahy, late of the legendary Connecticut band Miracle Legion, lends backing vocals to the ballad ‘Slow Down, Isabella.’

‘Cocoon’ is a multi-dimensional work, featuring everything from the horn-laden R&B grooves of ‘I Am a Fool’ to the funky Dixieland vibe of ‘Bourbon Street.’

But what Tuohy does best is craft infectious pop tunes like ‘Train’ and ‘Real Love’ that have melodic stay-in-your-brain choruses. Add to that a convincing vocal style and an honest approach to songwriting and Jeff Tuohy is a young artist worth keeping your eye on.” Hartford Courant

Breaking Down The Silence

“Every so often an artist delivers a record that makes me stand up and salute! Jeff Tuohy’s ‘Breaking Down The Silence’ is one of those records.” Mark Radway,

“An arresting voice…(“Breaking Down the Silence”) is with me wherever I go. It’s an addictive listen that I strongly recommend. In fact, you should probably buy two copies…” Pat Keating, Insite Magazine

“If ‘Breaking Down The Silence’ rockets up the charts, and it absolutely has the strength to do so, Jeff Tuohy could certainly make a play for Kate Hudson or Jessica Simpson. Akin to John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Daniel Powter, this handsome, singer-songwriter-guitarist wears his heart all over his sleeve and then some, yet he puts forth a high level of musicianship and pop songwriting expertise that makes this listen most pleasurable to a wide audience (i.e. teens, Gen X-ers and their moms). Melding classic rock, adult contemporary, and folk, Tuohy emerges as man of all seasons. The romantic troubadour surfaces in ‘Serenade,’ a lush waltz abetted with strings and forlorn melodies. Waxing anthemic ‘Fields of Grey’ bursts forth with power chords, blues riffs, and jazzy sax lines worthy of Argent and Soft Machine in their kaleidoscopic 70s glory. Based on Robert Duncan’s 1960 poem ‘The Opening of the Field,’ the final track ‘Often I Am Permitted to Return to a Meadow’ affords Tuohy, accompanied by minimal acoustic guitar, a chance to show off his formidable vocal prowess. Major labels should lap this one up.” Amplifier Magazine

“Fusing Dave Matthews and John Mayer, NYC-based Jeff Tuohy delivers rock songs with passion and precision. His first album, ‘Breaking Down the Silence,’ showcases strong melodies and enthralling vocals…” Performing Songwriter

“Jeff Tuohy plays a brand of rock that will fit into the adult contemporary scene well…The one constant that is present on ‘Breaking Down The Silence’ is that the instrumentation is absolutely absurd. Everything that is committed to disc is so rich that individuals will be taken aback. Just take a track like ‘Doctor Thomas,’ where each hit of the drums will tussle listeners’ hair and the vocals of Tuohy will cause hearts to catch fire. Even throwing in some guitar work that would make Slash blush, Tuohy ensures that each track on ‘Breaking Down the Silence’ is as impressive as it can possibly be…What is revolutionary however is the skill in which Tuohy crafts each of the songs on the disc. In this age of singles-oriented albums, there is nary a misstep to be found. For example, ‘Rob The Bank’ is revolutionary not for any compositions that are present, but for the fact that Tuohy can add to the acoustic, adult rock of his own, a brand of seventies rock that touches about both Deep Purple and Rush. Each of the songs on ‘Breaking Down The Silence’ could make it into rotation on practically any mix FM station. The only thing that Tuohy needs to do is spread his gospel around the United States for a few more years and chances are good that he could be the next John Mayer or other of that ilk. This album is one that is a smart buy, as each of the songs push on a slightly different tradition than the rest. I have no doubt that future CDs released by Tuohy will continue this trend. Give this disc a go and you will not be disappointed.” Neufutur

“…a new album that will knock your socks off.” Not Your Average Folk

“Jeff Tuohy’s debut album is well polished as they come…it sounds amazing. Each instrument, perfectly tuned with tones matching tasteful and quilted into an elaborate rich fabric of sound…” What’s Up! (Boston)